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Prices so high ooo myyyy

Why are flight prices so high??

People keep asking me why the flight prices are so high and with research here is the answer:

1.Deep pocket travelers: revenge traveling without caring how much they pay due to being stuck in the house has these airlines seizing the opportunity to capitalize

2.Lack of staff: people are living their best life, going remote, putting their mental first so they are saying no to stressful in person jobs and yes to remote jobs that has flexibility and freedom

3.Giant jets are parked: instead of huge planes flying with regular routes, they have multiple little planes with less routes

4.Skyrocketed fuel prices: with everything that is happening in Russia the price of gas is astronomical

5.Demand is high: everyone wants to travel due to the pandemic and country restrictions easing

6.Global forward movement: as time continues to move forward so does life so prices go up, inflation etc, nothing stays the same (gas was .90 at one point of time those days are long gone)

7.Repairing balance sheets: companies have to make up for pandemic loss they took so they are trying to get their money back to balance those sheets (easy accounting ☺️)

Here are options you can use to not break the bank while trying to travel

🔸Plan and book well in advance

🔸Do packages (travel agents provide it with flight hotel car and excursions all in one price)

🔸Payment plans (Klarna, uplift, affirm, etc)

🔸Price freezing (Skyscanner, hopper)

🔸Be flexible with your travel (fly into a nearby destination then travel from there, change dates around, or do long layovers)

🔸Use points and mile combinations to offset the prices (credit cards)

🔸Do your research

🔸Try budget airlines (spirit 🤷🏾‍♀️)

🔸Be open to other travel methods and accommodations(cruising or road trip instead of flying) (resort vs hotel or Airbnb)

Happy Travels

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