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Why use a travel agent instead of booking myself on a travel site??

Someone asked me what were the benefits of using a travel agent for booking travel when they can go on Expedia or Travelocity and here is the answer I gave…..

1)You get to talk to me and deal with me personally which was super problematic when COVID hit and travel plans were altered, as many of those booking sites weren’t prepared, so being able to talk to someone was super challenging. 2) You gain a new long lasting and trusting relationship with me so you don’t have to worry about me booking you a trip and then never hearing from me again. 3) It is free, you are not paying to use me. I enjoy booking travel so I do all the hard work for you 4) I take the stress and time away from you having to research trip information 5) I can provide deals that you might not necessarily find just looking at a regular trip booking website 6) I can add the extras and bonuses that you will not get by booking on a trip website. 7) I give you exactly what you want without you having to bend or substitute on your trip 8) And most importantly I am well-traveled so I am able to give firsthand knowledge, experience, and recommendations. You aren’t dealing with someone that made this a hobby, my passion is travel so I love doing it and helping other people do it as well with whatever budget they have.

Do you think that answer was thorough enough?? I do.

It cost nothing to support a travel business so why not?? Go to my booking page and I would love to assist you on your next trip.

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