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Meet The Face
Behind The Stamps


Hello!!! My name is Brittany and I am a melanated queen, first responder (police officer),  mommy, and wife who resides in the D(M)V. I have been traveling internationally since an infant being born to a military family. My parents knew the importance of being cultured, so they made it a tradition to go to a different country every year and in turn I have carried on the tradition with my husband and children.


I have lived in two European countries and have visited countries in 4 continents and counting. I have never been one that has been comfortable with seeing pictures in magazines or watching the discovery channel, I always enjoy exploring the many places the world has to offer. I get excited every time I attain another stamp in my passport.

I converted my Instagram page to a travel page in January 2021 with hopes to gain the intrigue and interest of my followers. People are always fascinated in the places I have traveled so I felt this was the best method to keep people informed and engaged. I also felt it was necessary to create a space for first responders to use travel as therapy so they can go from placing everyone else's needs first to prioritizing themselves and I wanted to be a leading example. I am also an active travel agent with Inteletravel so I can book travel for anyone.

I am currently building my brand and hope to collaborate with other amazing brands, develop literature for interested travelers and provide travel accessories.

I am very passionate about travel and wish to create content that people would be amazed by which in turn would allow them to want to follow my footsteps.

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Places I've Been...

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