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Global entry or TSA precheck or Clear or all??

Are you a buzzard beater arriving at the airport before a flight? Do you hate waiting in long lines for security check? Do hate waiting in long customs lines?? Do you having to take your shoes off and your feet is touching the dirty floor where hundreds of people have walked in a little amount of time so that means it wasn’t sanitized?

Well lucky for those people that answered yes (no judgement I am one of those yes people) the government has allowed for some options to alleviate those longs lines with offering TSA precheck, Global Entry, and Clear.

What’s TSA precheck, Global Entry, and Clear??

Glad you asked...

Tsa precheck is for departure from United States airports. It allows you to go through a separate security line and not have to take off your shoes. This line is always faster than the normal security lines. It is valid for 5 years and cost $85 (you apply online and make an appointment).

Global entry is used when you are coming back into the US from a international destination. It is wherever there is customs so by land, air, and sea. It is a separate line in the customs area from the long single line that everyone else has to stand in. If you have global entry you automatically get TSA precheck. It is valid for 5 years and cost $100 (you apply online and make an appointment)

Clear is a touchless way of getting through airport security without transportation documents. Clear uses biometric information from you such as iris or fingerprints to verify it’s you, and with that biometric information, you are given a unique encrypted code for check in. You apply at the airport, there are always people standing around to assist you with signing up.

Has those three services changed your mind about how you are going to travel?? It should have.

Having clear, tsa precheck, and global entry are very beneficial and allows for a smoother transition through US airports. I highly recommend getting all of three of them. It takes no time, you can do it online. So what are you waiting for. Get it done so you aren’t the person others are waiting for to get through the security lines at the airport.

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