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Mexico 🇲🇽

Mexico has the juice right now (lol). Mexico is the most traveled country since the pandemic happened. I have personally visited two cities in Mexico (Tulum and Cabo) and have more on my list. Every city has such a different vibe. Mexico is known for its tequila so do not think you are going to have a sober trip (unless drinking is not your thing). There is so much to do in Mexico. The biggest advantage of Mexico is you get a lot for your money (American dollar is strong).

*As I intend to travel to more cities in Mexico I will definitely update this article to provide more information.


Tulum was more wellness which was very enjoyable because who doesn’t want to hear the calming noise of gongs and do yoga early in the morning. Tulum also has a lit night life in the hotel zone. You really cannot go wrong wherever you stay if you decide to stay in Tulum. Cancun is a 1 hour drive from Tulum. I recommend seeing the ruins, doing tequila tasting tours, and water activities at the cenotes. If you stay in the hotel zone, I recommend a bicycle (which many hotels will let you rent from them) or walk because it is not that big and with the vehicles it gets very congested and there isn’t ample parking. I also can tell the hotel zone is still coming up as there is a lot of current construction. Also do instagrammable photo tours to capture all those amazing shots in the hotel zone.


Cabo is a well-rounded. There are three parts to Cabo. There is San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, and the corridor between San Jose and San Lucas. Cabo downtown is comprised of beaches, excursions, nightlife, and restaurants. San Jose del Cabo is tranquil with the only swimmable beaches and it’s more private. San Jose downtown is the art district. A person really cannot go wrong staying in any of the three parts as there are plenty of hotels (especially all inclusive) where you can get a ride to a different area and its 30 minutes. If you go to Cabo downtown, I recommend doing a taco tour, bicycle ride around, visiting the shops, hang out in the marina, do a tequila tasting, and hop on a boat and see the sites such as the famous Arch.

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