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Most Memorable Country?

Many people have asked me what is my most memorable country and this is how

I answer it…..While I have heard people having mixed feelings about Costa Rica, I for

one, have what I call forever lasting memories. I went to Costa Rica with my then

boyfriend now husband for my flirty 30 in January 2018. I thought ok cool a bae cation, it

will be a different vibe especially because I have adopted him to be my vacation rider

because he is always ready to roll. So to San Jose, Costa Rica we went.

Brief background on Costa Rica. Costa Rica is located in Central America in

between Panama and Nicaragua. Costa Rica’s native language is Spanish and it is

known for its beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity. Costa Rica is very mild in January

because it is the beginning of their dry season so their temperatures range from the 70-

90 degrees Fahrenheit. So January is a really good time to visit Costa Rica.

So let me get back into my story. Days of nice 80-90 degree weather, exploring

jungles, volcanoes, and waterfalls, seeing butterflies, monkeys and crocodiles, playing

in black sand and eating really good food on the 28th, 29th, and 30th was then finally

topped off when the 31st of January, my birthday, came. I made plans for dinner at Ram

Luna where you overlook the entire city lights and watch native Costa Ricans dancing in

their traditional dress, so time was against me for getting dolled up.

The Barcelo hotel brought me a complimentary birthday cake which they had left on the table next to refrigerator. I quickly slip on a Fashion Nova black dress and go outside on the balconyto pop some champagne to celebrate another year of life and snap a quick photo. I then come back inside, ask my boyfriend would he like me to pour him a glass of champagne while he finishes getting ready, he replies yes and tells me he just has to put his shoes on.

The hotel room phone rings and it is the front desk telling us our ride was early and

was downstairs but take our time they will wait. I hang up and then start to lowkey panic

because I hate being late but my boyfriend insisted on us getting this toast to celebrate

my birthday. I see him bending down fixing his shoes and don’t pay him any mind until I

look back down again because he starts giving me a heartfelt speech....there he was on

one knee proposing to me with the most perfect white gold ring a girl could ever ask for.

I cried and said wait did you ask my parents, so he said yes. I FaceTime my parents

since I’m super old school, and they said yes we knew for months that he was going to

ask. Whooo sigh of relief. I was so excited and of course I said yes!! We then hurried off

to dinner. I still was in disbelief. Every photo I took at dinner had my hand in it.

(Pressed) Dinner was buffet style and was so good. We also had rum punches to

compliment the amazing food.

One drink led to two drinks, which led to….I don’t know, I lost count. Dinner then ended with the restaurant celebrating me by singing happy birthday and congratulations on my engagement. I was so elated. We then got back to the room and of course we consecrated our love. The trip was amazing!!!

Got home back to reality and found out a few weeks later....I was pregnant!!!! So

all in all Costa Rica is the most memorable country I have ever been to because it gave

me memories of my flirty thirty (real woman-hood lol), my engagement (he put a ring on

it) and a beautiful baby girl! Costa Rica changed my life.

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