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Lets Talk Photos

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Having great content while you travel can help you be an amazing story teller. I have learned through trial and error that my photographs and videos are important to me and my memories. Everyone you travel with will not necessarily value picture taking as much as you do. Some tips that helped me overcome looking back at my pictures and saying, these are terrible or I have to visit that place again and take more pictures, are:

1. Hire a photographer- go on Airbnb, click on experience, and do a photo walk

2. Set your phone exactly how you want it to look so the person taking the picture only has to click the shoot button, and give them specific directions

3. Have a tripod and set your devices up to shoot on command with a remote

4. Buy a Pivo (it moves around and follows you and takes your photos) ->this link for a Pivo

5. Entrust your photos with your friend or family member

6. Buy equipment such as a drone, DSLR camera, GoPro, and a tripod

FYI: Once you have your pictures, there are many photo apps that you can use to perform edits to your pictures like brighten or darken, contrast, sharpen, clarity or saturate.

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