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Pack light... (maybe not)

If you are anything like me then there are two determining factors when deciding how I am going to pack. One determining factor is the location. I tend to pack lighter when I am on a domestic trip than when I’m on an international trip. Domestic locations I usually have a carryon and a personal item duffle bag that doubles as a purse (trick to have more stuff). For international destinations, I always have a large checked suitcase, a carryon, and a personal item.

Another determining factor for how to pack is the airline. Some airlines charge for checked bags while others do not. For example, Southwest passengers are afforded two checked bags and carryon with no charge while Delta passengers have to pay for their checked bag but their carryon and personal item are free.

✨Travel tip: When packing your carryon, also check the airport rules so you know what is and is not allowed to be in your carryon bag for a successful security passage. (One time I was going through the airport in Mexico and they didn’t allow tripods in the carryon and I had one, my choice was throw it away or go all the way back to the check it in. I walked all the way back and checked it in. It was a hassle, so plan ahead by reading the airport rules for items that can be in carryons. FYI: Just because the U.S. allow certain items to be in your luggage or carryons, does not mean other countries honor the same rules, so save yourself the inconvenience.)

✨Another travel tip: Must have items that you should not forget to put in your carryon (so they are always with you) are items that you absolutely need and items that are very valuable such as.....



〰Travel size toiletries

〰A change of outfit and undergarments

〰Medicines (prescribed and over the counter) (laxatives,pain reliever, and motion sickness) and vitamins



〰Neck pillow and headphones for the plane

Lastly, although, for me, this is not a determining factor when deciding how to pack, luggage management is something to consider. You have to carry all the luggage that you pack and you have to be able to keep up with the luggage that you pack. There is nothing worse than struggling with a bunch of luggage while trying to navigate a busy airport or a bustling city especially if you are solo traveling and do not have anyone to help you.

So do you pack light?

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