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Passport Talk

I am always flabbergasted when I talk to someone and they tell me they do not have a passport and have never traveled out of the country. With all of the things happening in the world right now, everyone should have a passport. A passport allows you access to leave the country you are a resident of and enter into another country. Passports take about 8-12 weeks to receive but you also have the option to do rush delivery so it’s important to plan accordingly. You can get a passport book, passport card, or both.

What you need: 2 passport size pictures, a completed application, and your original birth certificate

Where you can get the passport processed:

Get your pictures taken at any local place like CVS and take it to a passport agency

1)Post office

2)Some agencies that are processing passports in person by appointment only are taking no pictures as well

3)Travel shows

Checking the status of a already applied for passport:

If you applied for a passport and it’s been weeks since you have heard anything back: Go on and look for whatever agency handled the passport and call their customer service line. Every agency has been processing passports at different times.

Any information that you need such as passport costs, obtaining a visa, travel recommendations, embassy information, it is best to visit

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