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Travel Tip Tuesday

There are so many travel tips that people aren’t aware of. Every Tuesday I will update this with a new travel tip that would make your travels more convenient.

~ When you are at the gate, that’s when you ask the customer service person if there are any open seats (upgraded seats) on the flight such as first class. If they have any open seats, more than likely they will change your seat 💺with no issues and sometimes without making you pay a fee or for a reduced amount.

Typically, the customer service person will wait a few minutes to make sure they don’t have and standby flyers and to see if anyone misses their flight before just giving you a better seat

✨it’s best to try to be the first one to ask because many people use this travel tip so the customer service person will make sure she keeps you in mind

~Bring a pen 🖊 so you can fill out the required forms when entering and exiting a country.

Now because of Covid, health forms are required to be filled out and turned in when going through customs for tracing purposes, so it is easier to fill it out on the plane before you get there so you don’t have to waste time.

✨Plus if you have your own pen 🖊 then you know it’s sanitized and only you have been handling instead of many other unknown hands.

~When you travel you have to plan for the unexpected. Having a back up travel card or a card strictly for your travels allow for many different occurrences such as....

🔑Using it for hotel charges and holds


🔑Unexpected fees that you might encounter (especially during COVID)

🔑Baggage fees

🔑And other random purchases

~Any items of serious value or that you need in case your luggage is lost, needs to be in your carryon suitcase so that it is with you at all times

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