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What Countries Can You Travel To?

There are many countries that are open to Americans right now. Many of the countries that are open to Americans, provide Covid-19 antigen tests so Americans are able to reenter into the United States. With countries providing that Covid test. it takes the stress away from travelers. The countries that are open to Americans currently are (will be updated as more countries open)

• Turkey

• Jamaica

• Mexico

• Aruba

• Barbados

• Maldives

• Bermuda

• Antigua

• Dominican Republic

• Albania

• Costa Rica

• Egypt

• Colombia

• Bahamas

• Brazil

• Kenya

• Montenegro

• Belarus

• Grenada

• Dominica

• Ecuador

• Belize

• St. Vincent and the Grenadines

• French Polynesia

With proper planning, you can turn your travel dreams into lifetime memories even during the pandemic

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