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~Traveling tip Tuesday~

So many flights have been delayed or canceled lately 😱

Don’t panic!!!

Here’s what you should do if this happens to you!!

  1. Relax: calm the hell down, nothing gets solved when you screaming and hollering. And often times the person at the gate don’t know why the flight is canceled or delayed so it’s not their fault. Relax

  2. Call the airline customer service because they often can rebook you quicker than the person at the gate

  3. Know your rights with the airline. There for you know the rules and regulations when it comes to how they compensate and after how much time (1 hour or 2 hours etc)

  4. Get travel voucher or cash. Whichever the airline offers based on ^ (3 knowing your rights) accept that voucher or cash

  5. Make a claim with travel credit cards. Some travel credit cards have insurance where they compensate you for flight delays or cancellations.

  6. Use social media: ALL companies use social media for business, so trust if you make a tweet or post about a airline service or their delay and tag them, they will see that and address (sometimes quicker than an email)

Don’t ever say Stamps didn’t look out for you 😉 happy travels.

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