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Going on a baecation??

So everyone gets to that point where they want to take that next step in their travel ventures and go on a baecation. We all know what a baecation is, a vacation with your boo or bae or significant other. Typically on a baecation that means romantic trip where you are taking couples pictures (or pictures where it’s no face no case) and spending quality time with just one other.

Before making that commitment and buying those flights, there are three planning ideas or an understanding that has to be established.

  1. Who is paying for what

  2. What activities will you be doing

  3. What are the expectations

Who is paying for what-Will one person pay for the flights and hotel and the other pay for everything during the trip? Will one person pay for everything? Will you both split total cost down the middle? The financing of the trip has to be discussed to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

What activities will you be doing- Are both people adventurous? Do one want to sit and relax on the beach? Are you both interested in excursions at all and if so what kind of excursions? Will there be romantic activities such as candlelight dinners? When the activities are configured, then a nice itinerary can be established and organized.

What are the expectations?- If this is you all’s first baecation is one person expecting the relationship to be on and at a certain level? Expectations have to be known so that there are no surprises.

When those three planning ideas are understood it would eliminate unnecessary grief and potential arguments while on vacation. Also if those three planning ideas are understood that would ensure that y’all have a great time while on vacation and nobody comes home angry, leaves early, ruins what is suppose to be a relaxing getaway, or ends the relationship.

For me, going on trips with my bae brings on a different level of romance because now we have cultural experiences that we have shared together. Overall with an understanding, Baecations can be a really great time.

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