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Safety Tips for Traveling

Safety Tips for Traveling

There are so many steps one should follow to travel safely especially if they are going to travel alone. The below listed safety tips will allow for your trip to go alot more smoothly and decrease potential stress.

For Overall Safety

  • Notify the US embassy of your itinerary (requires planning ahead of time)

  • Using the Smart Traveler app

  • Don’t place all money together, separate it such as placing it in different pockets and different compartments and leaving some in your hotel safe

  • Use travel credit card or cash, don’t use debit card- your debit card is often all the money that you have to your name you wouldn’t want someone to swipe the card and then take all your money so its wise to not use your debit card when you are traveling

Safety Tips for Hotel/Rentals

  • Purchase and use the door stopper that jams the door when you are inside of your room so nobody can come in

  • Have your own VPN so nobody can hack your phone or wifi- many of the cellphone carriers offer this

  • Make friends with resort staff so that they look out for you

Safety Tips for Valuables

  • Put TSA locks on your luggage especially a checked bag

  • Use the safe in hotels for valuables & passport

  • Bring a portable safe when your staying at airbnbs

Safety for Exploration

  • Don’t have your face in your phone for long periods of time because then you are not being aware of what is going on around you

  • Be aware of your surroundings

  • At resorts, it’s better to accept rides from their taxis that are being used by the resorts

  • Use reputable tours and excursions with a lot of reviews on google or yelp so that you can ensure you have a great time

Allow of those tips allow for a stress free vacation. Now vacation isn’t going to always be perfect but following those tips allow for it to go with less hiccups.

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