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Traveling With Children

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

I was raised by parents that knew the importance of traveling with your children to teach them culture so they would grow up to be well rounded individuals. It is because of my childhood experiences of traveling with my parents, I am striving to instill those same ideologies in my children. Every year I take an international trip with my children and if coronavirus didn’t cause shut downs it would have been no different last year. Usually I travel with one child which is easy, but 2019 was different as I had my then 10 month old and we were on our way to Barbados.

I can admit though with having an infant that meant more bags that had to be packed but on the plus side you get priority with boarding flights. I didn’t know what to expect out of my ten month old as it was her first flight. To ensure our comfort we flew first class and surprisingly enough she was perfect. She sat on my lap and went right to sleep for takeoff on every leg of our flight. I put airplane headphones on her ears, gave her a bottle, and everything was smooth. Experiencing Barbados with my children was no different than experiencing countries without them all it took was proper planning and opting to do kid friendly outings. My infant really didn’t know what was going on as she seen foreign animals and had sand between her toes for the first time ever.

My oldest is used to travel so it was nothing new to her. Overall we had an amazing trip, it was another country for the books withy family. Currently during coronavirus we have done domestic travel and enjoyed family places such as Kalahari in Pennsylvania and Great Wolf Lodge.

Here are the best tips for traveling with children

  1. Make sure you have things for them to do on the flight, at your hotel, etc (toys)

  2. I wouldn’t try to go super expensive with eating because if your children are like mine they are comfortable with fries and nuggets (get what I mean)

  3. Take time to plan bags so that the most important and extra items that you need are in your carry on luggage in case anything occurs (lost luggage) especially for infants (formula, bottles, diapers)

  4. If they are of the age where you can ask, ask them what they would like to do (my oldest daughter always wants to go to the pool)

  5. Have a good time it’s a family affair so these will be lasting memories for your children

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