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Who Do You Travel With?

Updated: May 3, 2021

Solo (lonely, I’m so lonely, I have nobody, on my ownnnnnn), Bae cation (romance ooo la la), or Friend’s Trip (Gang Gang)

I have been in many travel chats where the question has been which kind of travel companions do you prefer. So which travel companion do you prefer??? Me?? hmmmm let me think….I don’t really mind who I travel with as long as there is an understanding and there are expectations. I like to have a conversations before anything is booked to ensure we are together on what we expect from our trip. I see the pros and cons of every kind of trip companion. Solo trips you don’t have to worry about caring about what the other person wants to do or how they feel (harsh yes, but it’s real) but on the flip side, you are alone so that means nobody to take your pictures or do anything with (hope you are friendly). Bae cations, you have the advantage of having romantic company and someone to pay for everything (if that’s your thing) but then that means you cannot go on a trip trying to be Stella (How Stella Got Her Groove Back) (no big deal) because they stuck to you like glue. Friend’strips are always cool because it’s a group of yall, and it’s definitely a relationship builder since you are creating long lasting memories, but you have to consider what everyone wants to do all the time even down to where you all are going to eat and it is a lot of attitudes at one time.

Picking a travel companion takes common sense and honesty. Travel companions can turn a dream trip into a nightmare trip if you are not on the same page. Relationships can definitely be severed over not being on the same page for a trip. If you know you are wanting to go on a trip and turn up (LITUATION) then I wouldn’t advise you going with someone that does not like to turn up. See common sense. Now on the other hand if someone tells you they are down to be the trip rider (whoop whoopBonnie and Clyde) and want to be on the kind of vibe you are on then you go on a trip with them and find out they bamboozled you (for example all they did was complain, not agree with the moves you wanted to make, slept all day, didn’t have money to do excursions, etc) then cancel that person forever lol (no but really do not go on trips with them ever again).

Consider all the factors when determining who you want to travel with. Don’t go potentially ruining relationships forever all because you did not take the time to do the leg work with your travel companion. Here is a list of some things I consider before I choose who to travel with or who can travel with me.

1. Where am I going (I will not go to Bora Bora on a romantic trip with my mom duh)

2. What excursions will I do when I get there and are you willing to do them (liquor tasting, scuba diving, helicopter rides, animal sanctuaries, etc)

3. How well do I know that person or people (your friends friend K I don’t know you mannnnn)

4. Finances (I wouldn’t advise traveling with someone that only had enough money to get to the destination especially if you know you will get there wanting to do luxury lifestyle things like 5 star dinners)

5. Does your energy align (I don’t want someone that is a Debbie downer going on a trip with me depressing me on my time away from work or a hater for that fact)

6. What do you all have in common (we both turn up, we both love the spa, etc)

I guarantee nobody will be mad at you if you talk to them and tell them the type of vibe you are going to be on and if you aren’t with that vibe then you can either come and do your own thing or miss out this time around. (Say it with me COMMUNICATION) I wholeheartedly believe that someone will respect you more for telling them up front what kind of vibe you are going to be on. All in all you have to be strategic with who you choose to travel with.

Happy Travels

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