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Different Travel Methods

Different travel methods

There are different ways to travel. The three main ways to travel are luxury, affordable, and budget. There are some differences between luxury, affordable, and budget travel which comes into play when considering dining, accommodations, method of travel (transportation), and what you are going to do when you get to your destination. In order to decide how you will travel whether it will be luxury, affordable, or budget it is important to first consider what type of trip you want it to be, such as adventurous, pure relaxation, new experiences, or a little of each.


There are many methods of travel such as flying, driving, or sailing.

Flying tend to be expensive depending on how far in advance you purchase your flight, but are a more direct travel method to getting to a destination quicker. Different sites that can be used to find flights cheaper are putting them on layaway with airfordable or Klarna, or purchasing them from Scott’s Cheap Flights, sky scanner, Google flights, and hopper.

Trains are very nice and you can see amazing sites, they come with food and nice seating but can take longer to get to the destination as they have multiple stops. Traveling by train can also be cheaper than flying. Amtrak is a very popular train to take. Amtrak is supposedly gaining funding in reference Europe destinations.

Buses is another option but you have to be mindful that it takes longer to get to the destination because it makes multiple stops, and it is limiting as you can not take a bus everywhere. Buses are useful for local travel around a destination.

Driving is another option and you would have to factor in gas money. With driving you can go at your own pace and not have to worry about anyone rushing you but it can take you longer to get to the destination. One downside is driving limits you to only going to certain places like if you are in North America you can’t drive to Africa or Europe.

Sailing is another travel option. Sailing allows you a lot of relaxation time. Many cruise lines such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and so many more offers such great perks for cruising and right now they have so many deals for booking. Sailing can be very fun and you have your lodging on the boat. Sailing does take longer to get to the destination. Sailing does allow for you to see multiple destinations in a short period of time which is always a bonus.


There are so many different types of lodging that one can use when traveling such as airbnb, resorts, hotels, and couch surfing.

Airbnb is a rental accommodation which tend to be cheaper than hotels but sometimes do not come with all the amnesties that hotels or resorts come with. You can find very unique stays with Airbnb as they belong to a person that is renting it out for your use. Airbnbs tend to be more of a personal and individual accommodation experience. Airbnbs are great for big parties that want to stay together.

Hotels are very common and come in chains. Hotels have the benefits of collecting points for free night stays. Hotels also have someone that is there to clean you room. Hotels are a nice option at every budget.

Resorts give you the option of being able to enjoy an entire vacation there and not have to leave if you don’t want to. Resorts tend to have multiple restaurants and bars, clubs, water sports, and other amnesties which makes it more of a experience so you do not have to go off the resort grounds.

Couch surfing and hostels are way cheaper accommodations options. You do not have as much privacy which staying in hostels or couch surfing. Most hostels provide you a locker and you tend to be in a room with other people. Couch surfing is in someones home so you are staying in someone else’s space.

Things to do

When you are taking a vacation, picking out things to do is something to consider when deciding a budget. You have excursions, spa, resort day passes, dining experiences, and tours. When in tropical destinations, water sports are very popular. Excursions spa and dining experiences, and tours all range in price depending on which company you go through. (I mainly use Viator for all my things to do)


Eating food can be done at any budget. You can choose eating at local spots for a cheaper budget which tends to be amazing (I love local food). Try lighter options during the day so you can have a bigger breakfast and dinner and that saves money. If you are staying at a resort, having the all inclusive option saves you money for your trip because then you don’t have to allot money for food at all. Having a Michelin dining experience for a more luxury budget costs more than regular dining and you are definitely paying for the experience.

One last option that can be done to save money for future travel is Investments. Doing timeshares and memberships allow for you to have a place to stay at all times but you have to pay fees and you have to keep in mind that there are blackout dates.

There are so many ways one can travel and there is so much you have to consider when you are traveling, it is all depending upon how much you want to spend.

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