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Pandemic Travel

Pandemic Travel

There is so much to consider while traveling during the pandemic. Everyday there are changes being made to travel requirements for entering the different countries. The key to traveling during the pandemic is proper planning because everything fluid right now, so you have to be flexible but plan as best as possible. This blog post will cover how to plan properly and what to consider when traveling during the pandemic.

When entering different countries there are different rules for vaccinated people and unvaccinated people. The requirements for vaccinated people are a little more relaxed than the unvaccinated people requirements. For vaccinated people most countries tend to only require a negative covid test and upload their card or fill out the countries health form. Unvaccinated people have to have a negative covid test and some countries require that they quarantine. Some countries won’t even allow unvaccinated people to enter. You can find the most current covid information on the countries government travel website.

There are some really good best practices to follow while traveling during a pandemic. Wearing your mask at all times except while eating and drinking is one of the most important practices one should follow. A practice that some hotels have added are cleaning and sanitizing then not reentering the room until the occupying guest enters. Carrying lysol wipes and sprays, and hand sanitizer is another best practice to follow during the pandemic while traveling. Certain countries also take their practices for safety more serious than others so one should be mindful about that.

Finding out what the facilities rules are with mask requirements is important as well. It would be beneficial to know if a mask is required while walking around a facility. Some places say you have to keep your mask on while being there and can raise the mask while drinking and eating but then have to immediately put it back on.

Reservations at dining places and different outings have been a major requirement during the pandemic as there has been limits and capacities to adhere with the CDC 6ft recommendations. You would not like to go to a destination and figure out you can’t eat at the restaurant you were dying to eat at because you didn’t plan ahead of time and make a reservation. Not having reservations and not being allowed to eat at a bunch of places or do certain outings can definitely ruin your vacation so its best to make reservations ahead of time.

Covid testing changes so much as the different variants have risen and the different testing options have been made available. Finding out if the country requires a PCR or Antigen test and how many hours before entering is important to know. Knowing if wherever you are staying during your trip offers cover testing is important because it would eliminate the extra time it would take to find a reputable facility that offers cover testing. Knowing what places offer cover tests is important. Having insurance and knowing what the protocol is if you test positive while traveling to another country is vital.

Many countries also require travel insurance to enter their country. It is worth getting travel insurance to protect your trip because countries have opened and closed quickly during this entire pandemic. An option of being able to get fully refunded or a travel voucher has been very common since flight cancellations and countries have closed alot during this pandemic.

The key to traveling successfully during this pandemic is PLANNING. If you plan everything, it will make for a smoother trip.

Itineraries are offered in my shop for different cities and countries (it will make your traveling alot easier and you can plan alot better) Book a consultation if you would like me to customize and tailor a trip for you.

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